Fresh Rave for an Old Fave

If their iconic red serape tablecloths could talk, I would be in big trouble!

Sadly, at the end of the long Prospect Street reign of Alfonso’s La Jolla,

both the food and atmosphere had  gone very badly south. Even the once eye rollingly fabulous CARNE ASADA was meh.

As the scene of countless youthful antics, the decline of this onetime “go to” became just another restaurant viewed fondly in the rear view. Total bummer.

So! you can imagine their relocation to Solana Beach didn’t exactly insight me to charge the door. Mistake!

I am delighted to report that Alfonso’s has regained it’s glory. Do not go without trying the absolutely mouthwatering and greatly missed CARNE ASADA. As you would expect, this delicacy comes as the centerpiece to tacos, burritos or plated. All  are accompanied by better than standard sides. As you might not expect, all your Mexican food favorites on the Alfonso’s menu are better than what passes as acceptable/great elsewhere.

Another must for this chile relleno snob, is their soft, fluffy, warm, gooey and a sizeable version. Just perfectly crafted and yummy. Totally crave worthy and truly the best to be had in San Diego.

The favorite thick tortilla chips are also back as is the spicy and unique salsa.

Best of all, the Cadillac Margarita, which I always viewed as psychedelic, are back to original potency. Betcha can’t stop at one!

The onetime  winding side and back rooms have given way to a wide open and welcoming beach vibe interior. The open floor centerpiece is a massive bar featuring live music and if you are lucky you can spot the actual Alfonso working the crowd.

Both family and date night friendly, Alfonso’s Solana Beach is affordable and fun.

Here’s to making a whole new bunch of psychedelic Marg memories!

Alfonso’s Solana Beach
437 Highway 101
Solana Beach, CA 92075
(858) 454 2232